Franchise Opportunities

Encore Medical Staffing has opportunities for motivated professionals to join our team. We are looking for healthcare professionals who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and have the drive and determination to make great things happen. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are the most familiar with the inherent problems and difficulties of medical staffing. This makes them great franchisees and the best equipped to serve medical facilities, as well as establishing the greatest nurse pools.

Our franchises provide per diem, temporary and contractual medical staffing to hospitals, nursing facilities, rehab centers, mental health centers, and other medical facilities. The majority of our staffing professionals are RNs, LPNs and CNAs. Our franchise opportunities are offered with low initial fees and a monthly royalty fee. We have the lowest costs in the USA. All training needed to begin and continue with your franchise is provided. All business agreements, nurse intake packets, marketing strategies, nurse recruiting strategies and all needed forms all included in our price. Technical assistance is constantly provided. This includes start up assistance, business plans, company store, website, background checks, drug testing, professional and general liability insurance, software and business management assistance. We want you to grow and be successful with our team.

Owning an Encore Medical staffing franchise is a tremendous opportunity. The current nursing shortage is expected to continue as a result of the continuous increase in elderly numbers produced by the “baby boomer generation.” The opportunity of owning a franchise is a great way to capitalize from this.

Master Franchiser Program

In addition to our single franchise opportunity, Encore Medical Staffing has the Master Franchisor Program. This program is designed for the entrepreneur who has aspirations of owning more than a single location, and to share the income and royalties that this exciting opportunity provides. We believe the Master Franchisor Program model achieves a caliber of training, support and commitment that cannot be achieved through any standard corporate-based model.

The Master Franchise Program is a true partnership upon which great potential can be realized. It affords the opportunity of growing your own franchise organization through your own decision making process.

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Franchises – Frequently Asked Questions

You will be amazed to know how little money it takes to get started and excited about the opportunities associated with owning your own franchise. You can even begin out of a home office to keep costs down. We encourage starting frugally and growing with the demand. Success will depend on your effort but our model has very strong income potential.
Yes. The amount of protection given depends upon the location of your franchise.
Yes. You may sell your franchise to a pre-approved buyer agreed upon by Encore Medical Staffing.
Yes. Our logos, website resources, company store, forms and templates, and manuals are included and can be used with all marketing and advertising activities approved by Encore Medical Staffing.
Currently, there is no advertising fee. There is a nominal annual website hosting fee.
Yes. Corporately, we have secured companies for financing, invoice factoring, professional and general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, criminal background checks, drug testing, staffing and human resources software, website hosting and administrative forms. We provide one-stop-shopping for the business needs of our franchises.
It gives you the great opportunity to own your proven business with low investment with a team that cares about you and your success.
Complete the Franchise Application form and fax to 800-915-0559. If you would like more information prior to completion of the application call us at 864-655-5900.